TC8000 SEDONA 3 Piece Polycarbonate Hardcase Luggage Collection

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Traveler’s Choice Sedona 3-Piece Hardside Spinner

Traveler’s Choice Sedona 3-Piece Hardside Spinner

Description:Travel with peace of mind with all your essentials neatly stowed in the Sedona 3-Piece Hardside Spinner Set. The Sedona set contains 29 Upright : 29x21x11.5, 10.9 lbs, 25 Upright : 25x18x10.5, 9.2 lbs, and 21 Upright : 21×14.5×9, 6.8 lbs.

  • Binding: Apparel
  • Brand: Traveler’s Choice
  • Color: Red
  • Department: unisex-adult
  • EAN: 0694396800032
  • EANList:
  • Feature: Traveler’s Choice luggage is designed to provide travelers comfort, functionality, reliability, and peace of mind.
  • Feature: Constructed of 100 pure polycarbonate, the Sedona collection is extremely lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Feature: The polycarbonate hard shell material absorbs impact when under stress, making it both durable and flexible.
  • Feature: The retractable push button handle system is made of aluminum and self-locking mechanisms, allowing you to adjust and lock the handle at different heights.
  • Feature: To maximize packing capacity, the Sedona collection is designed with the retractable handle tube cavity extended.
  • ItemDimensions:
  • Label: Traveler’s Choice
  • ListPrice:
  • Manufacturer: Traveler’s Choice
  • MPN: TC8000R
  • PackageQuantity: 1
  • PartNumber: TC8000R
  • ProductGroup: Apparel
  • ProductTypeName: BAG
  • Publisher: Traveler’s Choice
  • SKU: P10188284
  • Studio: Traveler’s Choice
  • Title: Traveler’s Choice Sedona 3-Piece Hardside Spinner Set (Red)
  • UPC: 694396800032
  • UPCList:

Price: 319.99

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Best Luggage For Spring And Summer

The spring and summer season is just around the corner. The luggage industry is already bursting in its seams when it comes to the number of luggage sets that will surely work during spring and summer seasons.

If you are planning to travel this coming spring and summer season, you should get a nice-looking travel luggage for your needs. Here are some of your best choices:

1. Marmot Luggage

For an inexpensive luggage set for men, the Marmot collection is one of the most ideal choices today. You can try the Endless Road Carry On bag. This handsome bag is equipped with D-zip top opening, a pull-out handle, compression straps and a reliable luggage tag.

It is the perfect luggage to use when you are going camping, going on a road trip or just plain traveling abroad.

2. J. Panther Luggage Collection

If you are looking for a quality-manufactured bag that can withstand wear and tear, this is the right choice. The collection features tan-colored bags with leather accents. It is a sensible choice if you are looking for a luggage that can easily match with all your outfits.

You can also choose from their other nude-colored bags. There are utilitarian bags that can fit your travel essentials.

3. Titan Luggage X2

If you are going for an international vacation, this bag is a good choice. It has four wheels that can allow you to move the bag easily. Titan also makes some of the most durable bags. It can withstand the harsh summer seasons and the occasional downpour of rain.

4. Heys USA 4WD

This hard-sided luggage is just the thing you need when you are bringing delicate clothes and fragile stuff. It costs around $190. This is made from polycarbonate composite. This makes the bag more resistant to wear and tear. This is the same material used by companies to make bullet proof glass. If you are expecting rough roads to travel, you would want to use this bag.

5. Globe Trotter

Their luggage bags are handmade. This company ensures that you are getting a bag that can last for many decades. These are simple case bags that are very popular today. They provide a touch of vintage to your travel outfit.

When you are buying spring or summer luggage, you would want to look past the design and buy one that can be a timeless piece. It should last for many spring or summer seasons.

If you are looking for an adorable-looking luggage, you might want to look for Hello Kitty luggage. For more information, visit

Written by: Alan Cassidy

Article Source:

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Spinner Bags: Top Picks From Baggage Experts

The hassle is over! Select a spinner bag! Spinner bags should be considered one of the best luggage available for your travels. Here are some suggestions based on many employees with experience in handling baggage in the airline industry and also from studies coming out of surveys with many baggage recovery agencies around the world.

When it comes to choosing a set of luggage, there is some strong data that would point to ”THE SPINNER BAGS”. With it’s 4 wheel system providing effortless, multi-directional mobility and stability, it will make your travel experience more enjoyable. This type of baggage can be pulled like the 2 wheeler type and also be pushed around on it’s 4 wheels making it very versatile and more easy to move around. The ‘spinner bag” comes out a strong favorite among passengers and also baggage handlers.

Many experts in baggage recovery would recommend a good hard case luggage for many reasons. They are much more durable and will protect your belongings against some tough handling of your luggage. Before it even makes it out to the airplane, your bag will go through the belt systems or track systems in different airports and they are not a friendly place for your luggage. Many times a softer bag does get caught in those systems (Straps, cheap wheels, lower grade pull handles, external pockets, etc) and are damaged even before they are handled by the baggage attendants. It is not always the fault of the baggage handlers or the airlines. Also, there are better Airline companies than others…I hope there’s no news here for you, but there are… Not all airlines are run the same and your luggage will eventually end up in the hands of one of those companies. You want your belongings well protected not knowing how your luggage is going to be handled. For your information, the compartments of an Aircraft is probably not what most people would expect. It is not as clean as you would imagine…It is a bit dirty and sometimes wet and your bag WILL be banged around when it is loaded inside the aircraft. Being a very confine space, your luggage will be packed and stacked on top of other luggage. It would be wise to pick a hard shell bag for those reasons. Chances are that, sooner or later, it will get scratched or dropped in the course of the loading and offloading sequences. It is strongly suggested that you lock it, put tape around it or put a strap around your luggage…It will also make it easier to spot on the caroussel during the offloading sequence.

There are many choices of Spinner bags that makes the decision very hard to choose. There are soft sided bags that can also be of very good quality making it even harder to decide. Many choices of hard shell spinner baggage are also available from many companies. The versatility of this luggage makes it ideal for your travel needs. The selections could be narrowed down to the quality of a good luggage and not the price. Hard case luggage wins hands down when it comes to damaged claims. The majority of damage claims are soft cover luggage. Claims ranging from damaged wheels, handles, rips and also content damage ( wet, soiled ) are among the most common. Hard shell damage reports are much fewer when it comes to claims.

A good quality hard shell luggage will protect your belongings inside a hard casing from the rain, wet compartments, heavier baggage piled on top of your luggage and also those scary belt systems at different airports. The most common damage reports for hard shell bags are the wheels and are also reported on other types of luggage. The spinner bag wheels do come in different quality. Here, the choice will be a little hard to make. Different companies have different choices of wheels. Make sure the the handles and the wheels are of good quality for any types of luggage. The versatility of a spinner bag makes it an excellent choice. By adding more wheels at the base of a luggage, companies made the transportation of your belongings a much more pleasant experience. The luggage being wheeled around is always upright or on 2 wheels. The weight of the luggage is better distributed making it easier to transport to your destination. Be sure to choose a good quality bag no matter what style you choose. It is worth the investment and you will be glad that you made a well thought choice.

Many airline attendants and baggage recovery agents would suggest a hard shell spinner bag for your future needs. Many companies are now coming out with this new type of luggage for obvious reasons. New material are making the hard shell spinner bags even lighter than before. Companies are trying to make this type of luggage easier to carry around. There is now a new trend in the luggage industry that do point out to the spinner bags. We will eventually see more of these types of luggage as travelers find this type of luggage more user friendly then the 2 wheeler type. Many good companies carry the spinner bag and more and more are carrying good quality luggage. Be selective in your choice and you will find the one luggage that you will be most comfortable with for your future travels.

Douky L has 35 years of experience in many aspects of the airline industry. He has experience in many departments such as ground services, customer relations and is now a specialist in baggage recovery for the world tracer system. He is a consultant for many international airlines for baggage recovery. His extensive experience makes him an expert when it comes to luggage and baggage recommendations. You can view many of his suggestions and useful tips at

Written by: Douky L

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